An extension of your team

Having worked with clients across different industries since 1985, we understand that in order to fully assist you in creating market leading products, we need to work synergistically with your R&D team throughout the development process. This involves combining our experience with theirs, sharing our insights and acting as your team members when making key decisions together.

Understanding Consumer Preferences

It is no secret that the behaviors of the Indonesian consumers dynamically change every year, but as an ingredient provider that continuously observes and learns about the Indonesian flavor and fragrance preferences, we have gained the knowledge that you will need when designing new products. Let us help you understand your consumers with more depth, as we will stand by your side to exchange ideas, provide consultations on consumer trends, and work with your R&D team to translate the insights into better ingredient recommendations. To help you face future competitions, let us actively recommend you flavors and fragrances that will potentially be widely demanded by consumers, so you can start preparing for your next innovations.

We are Your Second R&D Team

After we help determine the best flavors & fragrances for you, working closely with your R&D team makes it possible to understand your formulations and see how our ingredients can perfectly be infused. If needed, our experts will brainstorm and help your R&D team in adjusting your formulations to allow for easier product improvements in the future.

Collaboration with Formulators

Once we thoroughly understand your needs and formulations, we utilize our global network of principals and suppliers to source the right ingredients, and work with our formulators to produce highly customized ingredients of innovation that blend perfectly with your products. Our efforts do not stop there. We will be on standby whenever you need us, to assist your team in unlocking future product improvements. With a trustable partner like us by your side, you can always prepare for any competition.