Pillars of Sustainability

From the beginning, sustainability has always been a discipline that we approach through four distinct practices: Renewability, Planet Future-proofing, Economical Sustainability, and Social Sustainability. This ideology guides us in becoming a company that is not only beneficial to our stakeholders, but also our planet, making us one of the first choices for clients who aim towards sustainability.


Having served more than 2,000 clients in over three decades, we dedicate ourselves to source and provide countless ingredients without depleting the planet’s resources, by putting extra effort in  making sure that those ingredients are derived from renewable resources.

Planet Future-proofing

For us, sustainability means more than just minimizing our environmental impacts today. It also means supporting our partners in securing tomorrow’s resources through meaningful actions that help give the planet a better future, from reforestation, marine life protection, to wildlife conservation.

Social Sustainability

We pay close attention to not only where our ingredients are sourced from, but also how they are sourced and who are involved in the process. For us, Social Sustainability is not just about trying to make a positive impact to the environment. It’s about working to give farmers and fishermen a better life through initiatives such as job security, better local infrastructure, and agricultural education.

Economical Sustainability

As a company operating in more than 10 cities across Indonesia, we realize that it can be a challenge to run all business processes at once without leaving considerable environmental impact. However, by using greener and renewable alternative resources in our operations when possible (e.g. biofuels, solar panels, recycled materials), we are able to efficiently save cost, minimize waste, and run a more ecologically sustainable business.