For more than 30 years, our ingredients have helped clients create best-selling products that turn them into industry leaders.

The foundation of Jutarasa Abadi is built not only around exclusive partners, but also creative experts who work together to meet the highest standards. From the marketing team to the lab specialists, each individual embraces their work with an outstanding passion that translates into our ingredient quality and relationship with clients like you.


Jutarasa Abadi is where decades of experience merge with creativity to serve you the perfect ingredients that consumers look for in a product. This is made possible by working with a portfolio of formulators who have the experience in customizing highly-specialized additives, and employing professionals who have the creativity and devotion to help fuse cutting-edge innovation into your products.

Vision and Strategy

With a history of success in the Food & Beverage, Cosmetic, Personal Care, Household, and Pharma/Nutraceutical industry, we strongly believe that in a country filled with an array of cultures and customer demographics, the possibilities of growth are endless. This is why we hold a vision to grow together with you as business partners and help you expand product lines and grasp ever-growing opportunities in Indonesia. Our strategy to accomplish that vision combines our long history, commitment, and passion to turn our fruitful partnership into a winning collaboration, be it in local or international markets.

Corporate Compliance

As a company that constantly collaborates with numerous formulators and clients, maintaining stringent quality control while taking environmental protection into account is a challenge that we have proudly overcome. Because in addition to practicing sustainability by heart, we are also determined to continuously improve our service quality and open our facilities for audits by clients who require specific standards such as ISO, Halal, and other applicable certifications.


Our Specialties

Partnering with us gives you access to ingredients sourced from around the world, and to help you better infuse them into your products, we will work with our partner formulators to modify or create new ingredients that comply to the specific regulations you require. Our experienced professionals will also help you analyze competing product ingredients, consumer needs, and forecast future market trends.

Trustable Partners

Having worked with clients across different industries since 1985, we understand that we need to work synergistically with your R&D team in every step of your development process. This involves sharing our insights and acting as your team members when making key decisions together. To help you face future competitions, let us actively recommend you proper ingredients that will potentially open new doors to your next innovations.